My name is Drew Billings. I have the following qualities: - I play jazz guitar, M:tG, and enjoy the outdoors - My first computer was a commodore64 - I want to build your "killer app" - What else do you need? My résumé perhaps?

Unit System Ecology

The dynamic interface as a concept is important to the web today - information changes at lightning pace and so the systems that serve up and parse this information must be adaptable. The human to computer interface is also in constant flux. A user these days may move from device... [Read More]

JavaScript Diaries


Recently, JavaScript led me down an interesting train of thought: what are the types of data we are dealing with and what shapes do they take in Javascript? There is an analysis of data I like that is done by using the concept of ‘type’. Now I know from my... [Read More]


We wanted a JavaScript console output while collaborating on JSFiddle. So I built one. Please use this freely. If you can think of additions, notice bugs, or just want to tell me how terrible I am at this, let me know in the comments. [Read More]